So you have just purchased your nice shiny new driving lights and are about to embark on installing them on your prized possession! A wiring harness is essential to have your lights not only working but to make sure they comply to the relevant regulations in your state, this requirement is that your lights only turn on with your high beam and that they can be switched off independently.

The Great Whites Wiring Harness makes this job so much easier suiting both 12 and 24v vehicles, supplied with a relay, carling style rocker switch and an extra wire through the harness to run you driving light Halo’s (if required).

The Great Whites Harness comes with H4 style plug/socket setup for installation, if your vehicle does not run a H4 style all you need do is simply cut these off and solder into the relevant positive and negative cables, it does not matter if you mix up which cable goes to positive and Negative as the harness will rectify this into the correct polarity required for the circuit. This is especially important with some popular off-road vehicles as they “negative switch” the high beam circuit.

With 2 pin Deutsch connectors for the lights and 4mm twin cable run to each light individually you can be assured you will not have any issues with voltage drop to your lights making installation quick and easy.

Great Whites have designed the perfect 12V wiring harness fit to suit most popular passenger vehicles, 4X4’s and 12V trucks. The kit contains a switch, pre-wired relay holder, fuse holder with 20A fuse, positive/negative circuit built into harness and detailed fitting instructions. Having everything you need in an easy to follow installation guide means no cutting, splicing or mucking around, literally just plug and play!

Great Whites lighting products are built to last featuring heavy duty die-cast aluminium housing and strong polycarbonate lens. With that being said, the wiring harness is also protected by a replaceable in-line blade backed by weather and heat resistant cable protectors which easily connect directly to your lights using waterproof Deutsch plugs. This wiring kit is designed for harsh corrugated roads, extreme temperatures and wet seasons.