Shopping for the best LED Light bar or Round Driving Lights is a lot like shopping for a new car, in that different customers have different lifestyles and therefore different requirements.

By now, no doubt you’ve seen just what an LED light bar can do, adding exceptional amounts of light to the front of your rig. LED light bars can be used for heaps of purposes. You can use the smaller ones for camping, additional reverse lights or use them as conventional forward-facing light to turn darkness into day! As you begin to research for the perfect LED Light bar you will begin to notice key performance features such as beam shapes and colour output.

Reading specs will help you understand what kind of performance you would expect however the night shots are there to help you understand the best possible illustration of the Great Whites range.

Aftermarket bull bars or roof racks naturally have different clearance and profiles. Great Whites recommend checking with your OE bull bar or nudge bar manufacturer to avoid breaking warranty due to excessive weight being fitted.

The Great Whites Attack 24 LED light bar is a common alternative to fitting a pair of Round Driving Lights. The bar light provides exceptional punch in a low profile, sleek design and is common alternative to fitting a pair of Round Driving Lights. Throwing an incredible beam through of 1 lux at 500m, the 24 LED Attack bar light offers instant light without any warm up time providing the ultimate combination of depth and breadth of vision while looking sophisticated.

Great Whites 24 LED Attack light bar suits anyone who is mainly concerned about wildlife on road shoulders and those who require exceptional light coverage in the middle range. Backed by IP69/69K ratings and a 5 year warranty, it’s heavy-duty housing really helps seal the deal on your next light bar purchase.