Mounting your new light bar to your vehicle can often ends up with rushed decisions being made and unnecessary vehicle modifications – it’s a delicate mix of the right look and suiting your individual needs

When purchasing a Great Whites Attack light bar you will be provided a mounting bracket that is easily secured to the back of the light bar. The bar can be fixed in any position as the mount can slide across the back of the light. This option gives you the most flexibility on the mounting position of your light bar.

Great Whites also offers a full range of bar mount brackets to suit the common bull bar and roof racks. Designed to integrate with the top tube of the bull bar, Great Whites bar mount brackets provide a low profile mount option that doesn’t obstruct your view. This must have accessory is made out of top quality die cast aluminium manufactured to withstand Australia’s corrugated roads. The bracket is easily mounted to the round bar without drilling, cutting or screwing into your existing bar. Great Whites full range of bar mount brackets includes rubber inserts to help protect your bar from scratches.

Importantly, the bracket is round to grip the bar or rail correctly, as opposed to an oval shape.

Sizes –  Great Whites offer a broad range of sizes suitable for your favourite aftermarket bull bar. Each bracket has been engineered to suit perfectly round bull bars or roof racks including 19mm, 25mm, 32mm, 64mm, or 76mm bars.

For more information and to view the complete range of bar mount brackets click here.