For most 4×4 owners, adding lighting accessories to improve vision on and off the road is a huge benefit for motoring confidence. Whether you’re touring or simply do a lot of driving on dark roads, Great Whites have the perfect lighting solution for you.

Great Whites Attack range offers two sizes in round driving lights. The larger 220mm series is commonly fitted to vehicles with unrestrictive mounting bull bars and is commonly fitted to Toyota Landcruiser’s and larger vehicles. Great Whites also offer a 170mm size round driving light featuring the same technology without sacrificing huges amounts of light output. Great White’s 170mm LED driving light is the perfect option the majority of vehicles including 4×4’s and SUV’s. This light is the ideal size for any 4×4 running a tight, restrictive bull bar with minimal mounting space.

Commonly fitted to Toyota Landcruiser’s, Prado’s, Hilux’s, Ford Rangers, Isuzu D-Max’s, Nissan Navara’s and Mitsubishi Triton’s just to name a few!  This driving light is light weight and secures easily to factory and aftermarket bull bar ranges.

Lumens vs Lux

Many LED light brands will supply raw lumen figures their light produces however may not show lux readings. Lumens provide a figure of the total amount of light produced. The terminology “lux” measures the intensity of the light. While a light may have extraordinary high effective lumens and offer a great spread of light, if the lux readings are low there won’t be much power to actually see anything. The Great Whites Attack range use cutting edge iris reflector & optics combo for distance while elliptical optics provide body to the beam pattern. With what it lacks in size a pair of these

lights pack some serious punch. The 170 Attack series produces 1 lux at 810m (achieved with two lights)


The Great Whites Attack 170mm has dimensions of 191.5mm (H) x 187mm (L) x 88mm (D) and is suitable for nearly all conventional 4WD’s, SUV’s and passenger vehicles.


The Attack 170 series includes mounting brackets and a singular fastening bolt to reduce the time spent on fitting the light.

For more information on the Great Whites 170mm Attack Round Driving Light click here.