Have you ever been caught out with a LED lights that fails to meet the parameters of being ADR compliant? Great Whites has developed 7 inch LED Sealed Beam Headlight Inserts making them the perfect addition for trucks. These lights can be installed in place of standard issue halogen lights with use, providing a brighter, whiter light, improving road visibility and reduced fatigue. The inserts can also be  can be paired with the 7” LED Sealed Beam Hi/Low/Park if you’ve got dual lights, such as in Volvo and European trucks,  just ensure the parker is installed on the outside.


The colour spectrum of the inserts is closer to that of sunlight which will help reduce eye strain. The 6000K colour temperature provides a crisp light is excellent for peripheral vision for when you’re driving on poor lit roads. You can depend on the beam throw when you need it most, with instant on functionality meaning no warm up period is required.

Raw Lumens: 3,835

Effective Lumens: 2,070

ADR Compliant: Have peace of mind knowing that your new headlights are ADR compliant. Great Whites DRLs and 7 inch replacement headlights offer all the benefits of LED lighting with the assurance they are ADR compliant and backed by a 5 year warranty.

Designed to suit trucks, the lights have a polycarbonate lens and tough alloy composite housing ready to tackle corrugated roads. The Inserts feature Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) which is integrated circuitry, flashing the LED faster than the human eye can see. This function reduces the heat and extends the LED life.

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