In Australia, vehicles must comply with the Australian Design Rules (ADR), which outline national standards for vehicle safety, anti-theft and emissions.

In a market flooded with LED lighting, and strict rules governing the use of such lighting, it’s often difficult to make the right choice. Whilst it is not illegal to sell products which are not compliant under the ADR, it is illegal to install and use them on your vehicle on public roads. This basically means should you find yourself in an accident, your insurance may be void due to illegal modifications on your vehicle. Great Whites LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) and LED Headlight Inserts have been classified as ADR compliant, making them the safe choice when upgrading the lighting on your vehicle.

Great Whites Daytime Running Light Kit is ADR compliant, easy to install, and comes complete with the required wiring harness and brackets. Whilst not required to be installed in Australia, DRLs are quickly gaining traction as an added safety feature. DRLs illuminate when your engine turns on and are able to be wired so that when park lights are selected they turn off.

DRLs have been found to increase road safety, allowing drivers to identify hazards and other vehicles earlier as the DRLs are running whenever the vehicle is operational.

The Great Whites 7 inch Replacement Headlight Inserts are also ADR compliant and are particularly useful in trucks. These lights can be installed in place of standard issue halogen lights with ease, providing a brighter, whiter light, improved road visibility and reduced fatigue. Sealed in a tough polycarbonate lens, these lights are water and dust tight, shockproof and vibration dampened, in line with the entire Great Whites range. Also available is a 7 inch High Beam only replacement insert if you have the ability to run two headlights on each side, such as in Volvo and European trucks.

If you’re looking to increase safety by introducing the bright, white light offered by LEDs, in addition to a longer lifespan for your lights (up to 50,000 hours for Great Whites) but want to maintain ADR compliance and dodge a nasty fine or void your insurance, stick to what you know. Great Whites DRLs and 7 inch Replacement Headlights offer all the benefits of LED lighting with the assurance that they are ADR compliant, covered by a 5 year warranty.

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