We have previously looked in depth at what lux and lumens are. As a quick rundown, lumens measure the amount of light detectable by the human eye. Lux is an indication of light intensity and is equal to one lumen per square metre. The point at which a beam of light reaches 1 lux is the farthest point from the source that light is still visible.

Great Whites 220 series Long Distance Round Driving Lights reach this point of maximum light 1 kilometre from the unit. For a light only 22cm in diameter with just one LED, that’s an impressive distance. The lights utilise iris reflector technology along with the single Luminus ultra-premium LED to achieve a smooth, bright white light, 1 kilometre into the distance. There isn’t much detail that the human eye can detect at 1 kilometre away, but no matter the limits of your own vision, the road or track ahead will be illuminated to 1 kilometre.

Depending on the size of your vehicle, the speed at which you are travelling and the road conditions, the most important area of focus as a driver is the immediate 100-400m. This accounts for stopping distance for your vehicle and any potential oncoming threats. The 1 kilometre of light thrown by the 220 series Long Distance Driving Light not only provides enough light to identify potential hazards, but enough to cover the range of vision you would normally have in daylight. For the optimum driving light beam pattern, we recommend pairing the Long Distance with a combination light such as the 18 LED Light Bar and/or 220 Series Round. This will provide excellent infill directly in front of the vehicle to complement the Long Distance light.

The 220 Long Distance Round Driving light is, as with all Great Whites lights, covered by a five year warranty, waterproof to three metres, guaranteed 50,000+ operating hours and shock proof and vibration dampened. Tough and reliable with an impressive range of light, Great Whites shine well into the night.