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The AAAA would like to congratulate the West Australian and ACT Departments of Transport on recent changes to their guidelines on fitment of LED light bars to vehicles!

These latest WA guidelines bring the state into line with QLD and SA – which specifically state that LED light bars may be fitted to the roof of the vehicle (provided they are wired correctly and do not cause glare or reflection that in any way impedes the driver’s uninterrupted vision or view of the road ahead or to either side of the vehicle). The latest release from ACT reflects the position in NT and NSW – which does not specifically address fitment location in any detail, rather referring to the ADR and the need to protect other drivers from dazzling or discomfort. Whilst the optimal outcome would be to have the fitment guidelines in all states offering the same clarity and detail, it is pleasing to be able to report that no longer are the states in complete contradiction when it comes LED light bars.

That’s is to say, most states. Unfortunately, at around the same time as ACT and WA were updating their guidelines to more closely reflect those in other states, Tasmania adopted the previous WA position and released their updated guidelines which ban roof-mounting along with several other fitment locations.

In the interest of national harmonisation, the AAAA are strongly urging the Tasmanian Department of Transport to reconsider their recent update and adopt a position more congruent with the other states across Australia.

Source: AAAA Weekly Newsletter