Which driving lights do I need for my vehicle?

Great Whites are built to last; they are virtually indestructible, have excellent light output and can perform excellently in almost any situation they end up in. But with such a varied product range, it is important to make sure you are selecting the best light or combination of lights for your specific requirements.

The Great Whites range is extensive, covering various size LED round lights and bars as well as a 7 inch round LED headlight and a daytime running light kit. The round driving light range features both combination and a long distance beam, of which the former offers distance with an excellent infill of light in front of the vehicle while giving clear peripheral vision to help spot the potential hazards to the sides of the vehicle. The long distance versions were designed after speaking with many of our customers who have asked for a light to go further down the road than HID. Did we succeed? You tell us - our spot beam can produce up to 1 lux at 1 kilometre.

While it is likely that no matter what you choose - your Great Whites will impress - it often pays to combine different lights with different benefits to get the maximum light output, including range and spread.

For commercial and truck applications there is an option to suit your every driving scenario. For east coast highway driving, the most likely selection would be a set of 220mm combination lights. If you drive further west and want to see further down the road, a set of 220mm long distance lights matched with a 36 LED dual bar will give you the ultimate driving light beam.

Cabover trucks without a bulbar may be able to utilize the mounting options of a set of 9 LED single driving light bars in place of the cab handles below the windscreen.

For the 4x4 enthusiast a set of 170mm long distance driving lights matched with a single 18 LED Bar or a 24 LED twin bar gives an excellent spread of light with the extra beam length to suit on highway driving. The 90mm bullbar halo light offers good light output and an optional halo that can be lit up independently.

The Great Whites driving light range has options for smaller vehicles too. The round 120mm combination light matched with a 120mm long distance produces ample light for around town and highway driving. A 9 LED low mount driving light bar can be fitted to a number plate bracket and is a great option for those vehicles with little space.

By clicking through the photo gallery for each product, you can see the beam patterns produced by each light, so you can clearly see which lights are dedicated to providing distance and which are focused on spread. By combining the long range lights with the multi-LED lights, you are ensuring that not only is the entire road ahead lit up, the space in front of you is drenched in light making your journey safer, and of course, outshining your mates.