Project Description

7″ LED Sealed Beam Hi/Low/Park Headlight

The perfect upgrade for trucks or 4WDs with a 7″ round light, the LED Headlight Replacement is an ADR approved direct fit replacement. Pair with the 7″ LED Sealed Beam with High beam if you’ve got dual lights, ensuring the light with the parker is installed on the outside. No additional buckets or wiring required; direct fit OE replacement with an integrated H4 connector. With a whiter, brighter output than any other light at the time, Great Whites were designed to withstand any environment or driving situation.

  • Raw Lumens: 3,835
  • Effective Lumens: 2,070
  • Voltage: 10-32V
  • Current Draw: [email protected]
  • Colour temperature: 6000K
  • Environment: IP68/69K (Dust proof/submersible to 3m)\
  • Vibration: 21 Grms
  • Connection: H4
  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • Dimensions (HxLxD): 177 x 177 x 90mm

Part Number: GWF5005

Why choose LED

LED is the evolution of halogen and HID. Whilst HID can reach significant distances, they still rely on using globes which are fragile and cannot last driving on rough surfaces such as old roads, corrugated surfaces or off-road tracks. LED driving lights do not have a globe, making them more sturdy and long lasting. A typical LED will last in excess of 50,000 hours and will light instantly, unlike HID which will last up to 2,500 hours and has an initial warm up period.

Importantly, high performance LED driving lights can operate at 6000K, the colour of the midday sun. This colour temperature is an important safety feature as it reduces fatigue through minimised eye strain.

LEDs have a low current draw making them a more efficient light source compared to halogen and HID lights.

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Great Whites has a reputation for high performance, high quality driving lights to suit the needs of 4×4 enthusiasts and commercial/transport fleet operators.

Every Great Whites light is built to last, to help you see further down the road, more of the beaten track and a wide peripheral so you can see what’s lurking in the dark.

The Great Whites Gen2 range is ideal for commercial fleet operators, while Great Whites Attack is best suited to 4×4 enthusiasts. Of course, you can choose which ever you like; no matter the choice, they’re all going to survive whatever you can put them through.

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