Shining a light on Great Whites

What do our customers love about Great Whites? From their massive output of bright, white light, to their extra heavy duty construction and industry leading warranty, there is so much to choose from! As the second dedicated LED driving light brand to launch in Australia (pipped only by a couple of weeks by Hella), Great Whites knows a thing or two about producing the optimum lighting experience.

Last month’s edition of Unsealed 4x4 ranked the attributes of eight sets of LED driving lights, including our very own Great Whites 220 24 LED driving lights, providing a pretty broad sample of the market. Of the seven other contenders, only one was on par with Great Whites’ warranty offering; promising a massive five year replacement on light output and workmanship. We can offer such a long warranty because we stand behind the high quality and excellent performance of these lights and their ability to deliver.

As expected, Great Whites blitzed the water test performed by Unsealed 4x4, proving to be completely water-tight. We knew they would do fine because Great Whites come with an IP69K rating – this means they can withstand a close range high pressure, high temperature spray. More than simply withstanding submersion or some heavy rain, an IP69K test is greater than any stress your lights will endure in a natural environment. We also cover our lights to be submerged up to 3 meters for extended periods of time, and if your lights are that far under water, you have some other serious issues to be concerned about. During our testing periods, we switch the Great Whites on allow them to get to running temperature and then submerge them in cold water and turn them off. This allows the components to expand and contract and if there is a time that a light is going to leak water, this will be it.

Great Whites’ mounting brackets are designed with high vibration and heavy impacts in mind. This along with the included security bolts, will give you the confidence to go further than ever before with the knowledge that your lights are not going anywhere. These heavy duty mounting brackets coupled with their top quality aluminium housing means these lights will stop at nothing. A collision with a kangaroo at 100km/h will likely cripple your bull bar. The high quality build of Great Whites means you’re sure to see your Great Whites standing strong and proud, still attached, no matter what you put them through.

Our massive product range means we have the product to suit you, no matter your needs. From a little extra oomph for night time highway driving to lighting the way for cross-country road trains, Great Whites have the answer. With round lights, light bars, long distance and combo lights, the combinations are endless. Arriving pre-assembled, there is no need for messing around with complicated washers and brackets; lighting expert or not, you’ll have no trouble getting your Great Whites onto your vehicle.

Most importantly, Great Whites were able to perform outstandingly from a lighting perspective. Offering superior range and spread, in addition to bright, white light, you can see from the image below from the Unsealed 4x4 test just how much visibility can be achieved when using Great Whites. A picture is worth a thousand words – could you imagine the amount of light you would be seeing had the light be angled upwards like our competitors? Still, pointed at the ground there is an impressive blaze of light. What would also have been interesting is if Unsealed 4X4 had also tested the Great Whites 220 Long Distance which were also supplied.

We know that Great Whites are a superior quality light. We have put our money where our mouths are and offered an impressive five year warranty to support this. They are tough, and as we saw in Antarctica, they will withstand not only a water test, but some of the harshest conditions on the planet. The Great Whites massive product range also has the capacity to service every need. But at the end of the day, what you really care about is having a great set of driving lights which will do the job. Great Whites do just that. Bright, white, with massive range and spread, Great Whites provide everything you need from your driving lights and more.

The performance of the light contenders on the Unsealed 4x4 test.