Putting Great Whites to the ultimate test

Earlier this year, Queenslander Charles Werb set out to snow sail solo across the entire plateau of Antarctica and attempt to smash some world records, while raising money for the Leukaemia Foundation.

 To complete the expedition, Charles developed a custom-built snow sail considering the advice of expert fabricators and a lengthy research process. The vessel needed to have the the capacity to remain completely self-sufficient, carrying food and supplies, and the ability to withstand the harsh conditions and rugged terrain.

Acknowledging this good cause, Great Whites decided to not only sponsor Charles on his expedition but to supply him with a Gen2 9LED Light Bar to affix to his snow sail. He needed a powerful light at the front of the snow sail not necessarily to see in the dark but to see changes in the terrain 200-400m in front of him in order to track the best course forward.

Great Whites have been put to task multiple times. Weathering extensive testing by the Great Whites team, magazines, the Offroad Adventure Show team and of course, Australia’s most dedicated 4WD enthusiasts; Great Whites prove time and again they can withstand just about anything.

Proven to be dust, water and shock proof is all very impressive. We know these are durable lights. But withstanding the elements on a continent composed of 98% ice? Known to be the coldest, driest and windiest continent on earth, in addition to reaching temperatures as low as -89.2˚C, sending Great Whites to Antarctica would be the ultimate test.

Unfortunately for Charles, the harsh conditions proved too much for his custom-built snow sail, which was born of extensive research and testing and he was unable to complete the challenge. What Charles could rely on though, were his Great Whites which, despite these unforgiving conditions, did not falter.

No matter how extreme you think your 4x4 adventures are, it’s a safe bet that it doesn’t get much tougher than Antarctica. Make sure you bring your Great Whites with you on your next adventure with the confidence that no matter what you put them through, nothing gets in the way of providing bright, reliable light for your drive.