Lighting insights: What the lux a lumen?

When it comes to lighting, there are a few things you should take into consideration, one of which being lumens.

A lumen is the standard unit of luminous flux, which measures the varying sensitivity of the human eye to wavelengths of light. Put simply, it measures the total amount of visible light emitted by a source, effectively telling you how bright the light is. The intensity of light, or luminance, is measured by lux, which is equal to one lumen per square metre.

Lux is measured at different points to identify its intensity and will be at its highest at the source but will fade the further you move from it. Lux is particularly helpful when comparing long distance lights and their luminance at a far distance. To know the point when a beam will be reduced to one lux will help buyers find the right light for them and understand why two identical looking lights are priced differently.

Both lumens and lux are important to note when comparing lights. Manufacturers should display both raw lumens (the pure output from the LED) and the effective lumens (the actual output from the unit). Effective lumens will always be lower as the housing and lens will affect the concentration of light. Depending on the quality of the LED, lumen loss can vary greatly, so as a general rule, lights with a smaller lumen loss are often of a higher quality.

Great Whites have developed their range with different technologies to suit the different needs of drivers. Long distance lights utilise a parabolic reflector with the LED sunk far into the light housing behind the reflector to generate a powerful single beam. Combination lights use multiple optic lenses to create the optimum driving light beam pattern, providing ample spread and distance.

While drivers may use one or the other depending on their needs, some combine long distance and combination lights. This allows you to see far in the distance but still be aware of what's right in front of you and your peripherals.

For more information on the visibility and lumen specs of Great White products, view our product gallery or visit your local Great Whites retailer.