Keep your lights where they belong

The Great Whites Gen2 range reduce the likelihood of theft with a special allen key and bolts with each light sold.

You pay good money for the best driving lights and the last thing you want is someone stealing them. Like many security keys, the Great Whites allen key has a special raised print that fits perfectly into the ridges on the top of the bolts provided.

This secret and specific print will allow you to attach and detach your lights as you please, while preventing any Tom, Dick or Harry wandering the streets from stealing your lights.

A standard allen key will not fit into the head of the screws thus keeping them safely attached to your vehicle, where they belong.

For added protection on all your round LED driving lights and bar driving lights you can purchase chrome lock nuts. These feature special security heads which require a special keyed socket to remove them. Each kit includes two half dome coded nuts and one keyed socket.

These are available in 10mm for the round LED driving lights and 8mm for the bar driving lights, with the exception of the 9 LED Low Mount Bar Light. This light has it’s unique set of Pyranuts.

For more information on the range of lights and added security features, visit the online product gallery or your local Great Whites stockist.