Help your driving lights go further

Do you find yourself struggling to see through dust on the road, squinting through the fog or have salt spray clouding your lights? Great Whites lens covers for the 170 Series Round Driving Lights may be the answer you’re looking for.

Great Whites driving lights are of superior quality and built to last the distance, but sometimes dust, fog and salt spray can cloud your visibility and slow you down. Great Whites has created a range of lens covers designed to stop these obstacles from interfering with your driving adventure. 

These lens covers come in clear, blue, red and yellow to suit different driving terrain and conditions. All four are shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, gasketed for extra dust and water protection, waterproof for up to 3 meters and have G-Shock vibration protection. 

The clear lens is designed to protect your Great Whites from rocks and debris so you can travel with the ease of knowing that the terrain doesn’t stand a chance against your lights.

If your ideal weekend consists of 4 wheel driving across sandy beaches then the blue tinted lens is for you. It helps penetrate salt spray from beach driving and can also help penetrate snow.

Red is perfect for off-roading, especially on dirt roads where dust may block your vision. If driving at dawn or dusk is more your thing, the yellow tinted lens can help guide you through thick fog.

The heavy duty design and coloured tint options will help take your driving adventure to the next level. Don’t let dust, snow, sea spray or rocks get in your way! For more information on the 170 Series range and the Polycarbonate Lens Covers, click here to visit our Product section.