Great Whites: Lighting Perfection

Perfection comes in many forms. At Great Whites, it comes in the form of achieving the optimal light output to suit your driving conditions.

With 26 lighting options in the range, it can be difficult to determine which lights will give you the right amount of light, in the right place, relative to your needs. 

By combining lights which offer differing outputs, it becomes possible to achieve a combination of both range and spread, without sacrificing one for the sake of having the other.

For commercial and trucking applications, the combination of the 220 Long Distance Driving Light and the 220 Combination Driving Lights offers a long range of light, well into the distance, in addition to a broad spread of light, filling in the gaps in the foreground.

The 220 Long Distance Driving Light famously provides 1 lux of light at 1 kilometre; an impressive throw of a bright, white beam, illuminating any potential obstacles far enough in the distance to give you time to react.

The 220 Combination LED Round Driving Light comprises 24 LEDs, delivering a wider spread of light. Whilst not offering as much distance as the Long Distance Lights, the Combination Lights fill in the gaps in the foreground and periphery, lighting up the sides of the road and your immediate area of focus.

By combining both the long range and broad spread lighting options, your Great Whites can offer the optimal lighting output, illuminating your journey with a mass of full, bright, white light. Lighting perfection.