Great Whites Gen 2 reveal at Brisbane Truck Show 2015!

In the last 3 years, the Great Whites brand has developed a cult following in the marketplace amongst trucking and 4x4 enthusiasts, and today Great Whites is a leading brand in the Australian driving light market. The brand exudes confidence that it will deliver on its promise of quality and innovation. It’s not a follower - it’s the original dedicated LED driving light.

Whilst over the last few years Great Whites have introduced additions to the original range such as the 4x4 Wide Angle, Chrome Series and Dual Stack bars, and have continually upgraded their lights at every opportunity, there’s been no real step change that the market would notice. At the end of the day, why would you change a very successful product range? Great Whites obviously weren’t satisfied with being number one in the market and set themselves the challenge to improve on great!

Introducing the Great Whites Gen 2 range!

The team at Great Whites have taken all their learnings from their highly successful Gen 1 range and added the latest technological advances to deliver a new benchmark in forward lighting.

The brand new Great Whites Gen 2 range is wider than ever before with brand new additions to its existing driving light range, as well as their first LED headlight & Daytime Running Lights.

“The new Great Whites Gen 2 makes a statement. We’re living up to our promise of innovation and quality by again resetting the benchmark for others to follow. “A proud Shayne Quaile, General Manager – Marketing, stated. “Great Whites has an emotional connection with our customers. Our brand is a lifestyle choice – it’s more than just purchasing a set of driving lights… the Great Whites brand is an extension of how our customers identify themselves, and we couldn’t be prouder. “

The new Gen 2 range is expected to be available from June 2015. Follow Great Whites on Facebook.