Great Whites Going the Distance

Great Whites are built to last, offering a virtually indestructible design and an unmeasurable light output which performs excellently in any condition.

The Long Distance Driving series is the perfect option for 4x4 enthusiasts or truck drivers who need to illuminate the road ahead. Each light in the range utilizes a single Luminus ultra-premium LED coupled with iris reflector technology. The combination of these two technologies produces a long distance beam pattern.

The technology within the LED allows the Great Whites Long Distance lights to hit a massive one kilometer down the road. Although the human eye may struggle to detect detail one kilometer into the distance, the Great Whites will illuminate the road or track ahead with a smooth, bright, white light.

Depending on the size of your vehicle, the speed at which you are travelling and the road conditions, the most important area of focus as a driver is the immediate 100-400m. This accounts for stopping distance for your vehicle and any potential oncoming threads. The one kilometer of light thrown by the long distance range provides not only enough light to identify potential hazards, but enough to cover the range of vision you would normally have in daylight.

The LED size in the range varies depending on the size of the light with the smallest in the range being 30 watt featuring a 120mm body and moving up to a 60 watt at 170mm in size and finally a 100 watt light boasting a 220mm diameter.

The lights also feature integrated thermal management and prime drive technology for increased reliability, aluminum housing and a polycarbonate lens with updated mounting brackets in the Gen 2 range, allowing for even easier mounting and adjustment as well as security.

As with all Great White lights, the Long Distance range is covered by a five year warranty, is waterproof up to three meters, guaranteed 50,000+ operating hours, shock proof and vibration dampened. For more information click here to contact a stockist or visit our online showroom.