Great Whites 18 LED Bar Driving Light

Our most popular light bar, the 18 LED Bar Driving Light, is perfect for any driving situation from off-road four wheel driving to long haul transport.

Measuring 622mm wide, the 18 LED Bar provides a wide, 60 metre spread of light, illuminating over 400 metres ahead of you. Boasting 6824 effective lumens, the impressive light only draws 7.74 amps at 12 volts.

A great feature of the light bar design is its installation versatility. Whilst most people mount the 18 LED horizontally to the bumper or bull bar, truck owners are known to attach the smaller bars vertically on either side of the grill. This is because the 18 spreads an elliptical beam of light where as the 9 or 12 Bars project a rounder beam pattern.

Another advantage of the bar is its compact design. Round lights mounted in front of a car grill can block air flow and cause your engine to overheat. As the light bar is sleek and compact, the intake is not restricted. 

Whilst the 18 LED Bar is more than sufficient to light your next journey, depending on your needs it can be paired with other lights to give you the optimum lighting combination. For trips such as the Nullarbor run where long distance vision is important, truck drivers will commonly pair their light bar with Great Whites long distance lights to ensure spread and depth of vision at night. This way drivers can see up to a kilometre down the road as well as clearly identify closer hazards within a safe stopping distance.

Also available as a stacked bar, the 18 LED Bar is covered by a five year warranty, waterproof to three metres and vibration resistant with a rating of 21Grms. For more information visit our product gallery or visit your local Great Whites retailer.